Frequently Asked Questions

Is it normal for food to arrive unchilled?

Yes. It’s okay! The food is safe to eat upon arrival. Our foods are preserved using old world methods and are insulated to prevent them from rising to heat-of-the-day temperatures during shipment. The salt and acidity within our cured, brined, pickled, and fermented foods act as natural preservatives. This is actually the same way the brave Vikings preserved and stored their food during voyages abroad: food was stored in the base of the ship, which kept it at a cool constant.


Should I refrigerate the food once I receive it?

Sure, if you like it cold. Personally, I think the gravlax is delicious at around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is a bit warmer, the fish will be oilier, which is delicious. The food will keep better in the refrigerator, but make sure the butter is at room temperature when it is served.


When will I receive my package?

We will deliver your package Saturday morning 9am - 12pm. If you need a special delivery window please let us know!


My order is wrong.

Please tell us! It is vitally important to us that your order is right.

What is the best way to serve knäckebröd?

With sour butter! We like clean flavors. Make a little sandwich and take a picture of it-- it's beautiful! And keep it simple. Each ingredient is packed with flavor, so try spreading a bit of butter or skyr onto a cracker and topping it with a piece of fish or some lingonberry jam. Check out our photo gallery for ideas!