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Pickup: Available for pickup at the kitchen on Fridays or at Westover Farmers Market on Sunday mornings. Also available for delivery Saturday morning in the Washington, D.C. metro area.
Fridays 8am - 4pm ⚪ Kitchen parking lot ⚪ 10560 Metropolitan Ave Kensington, MD 20895
Sundays 9am - 1pm ⚪ Westover Farmers Market ⚪ Westover Library Plaza, 1644 N McKinley Rd, Arlington, VA 22205
Delivery: Saturdays 9am - 12pm ⚪ Washington, D.C. metro area
Default Title Gooseberry Pickled Cucumbers - 16oz $13.20
Default Title Gooseberry-Rose Hip Jam - 8oz $18.55
Default Title Grave Enokitake Mushrooms - 8oz $12.40
Default Title Knäckebröd - 5oz $17.50
Default Title Lacto-Fermented Black Mustard - 8oz $12.79
Default Title Lingonberry Jam - Vodka-Drunk Lingonberry Compote - 8oz $17.45
Default Title Pickled Salmon $16.40
5oz Summer Gravlax - 5oz $15.05
10oz Summer Gravlax - 10oz $27.00
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