About K-bröd

Smorgas box

Knäckebröd, coarse salt on Icelandic butter or raw tuna, skyr with lingon, skyr with raspberries, fresh dill, boiled eggs with fish, priest cheese on a hard cracker first thing in the morning, lingonberry jam and Swedish meatballs, grave cod with fruit, priest cheese with apple pie!, oily room-temp beet-cured gravlax, fish in a plättar blanket, rugbrød, Swedish pound cake, lemonade picnic with knäckebröd priest cheese and gravlax, a basket, old Swedish spoons, northern Swedish home cooking techniques, the New Nordic cusine, fika, herring party, knäckebröd crumbs in soup, really fresh lettuce, Finnish squeaky cheese, stinky cheese, rich aromatic fermentation, the Arctic, caribou, Iceland, grim fairy tales, animal flesh, Thomas Wolfe, Swedish folk art, pickled sole on a cucumber pickle, clean flavors, a shot of aquavit, juniper, sea buckthorn, rose hips, Reyka vodka, Svöl aquavit, Heave Ho coffee, whipped cream, knäckebröd and hot chocolate, Swedish candy, everything on knäckebröd